Red Thunder Cloud
Red Thunder Cloud
Red Thunder Cloud being interviewed by Ives Goddard.
Biographical information

May 30, 1919
Newport, Rhode Island


January 8, 1996

Political information

Flag of North Carolina North Carolina
Flag of Rhode Island Rhode Island
Flag of South Carolina South Carolina


Flag of United States American

Languages spoken
  • Last known speaker of Catawba

Red Thunder Cloud, known by his English name, Cromwell West, and also as Carlos Westez, was a Catawba impostor who is most-known for being the last known speaker of Catawba before he passed away on January 8, 1996. His obituary was published subsequently in the New York Times. West was born in Newport, Rhode Island, to his African American parents. During his years as an adolescent, West developed a passion for Native American history. Throughout his life, West embraced his Native American identity, Red Thunder Cloud, and studied the languages of Native Americans to a great extent.



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